An Urban Farm and Food Justice Academy


Growing a Resource Rich Safe Space for Sustainable Community Development and Youth Empowerment.

Envisioning a community of action where empowered youth engage in reflective practice with others to actualize effective, replicable, and scalable environmental justice based local solutions to global challenges.

Altering mazeways in excommunicated disposable communities.

Creating viable alternative local economy systems through a process of genuine, un-co-opted reflective inquiry and action




Follow what goes on at the OSBG farm on a daily basis by visiting our original blog. New developments are posted here first.

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OSBG has had over 1,000 interns and volunteers that have contributed and even taught our staff so much about urban agriculture and organizing.  We also encourage people of to donate any financial amount possible. 

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We're launching a Barnraiser campaign to fund phase one of our "farm to grocery, grocery store." Check out our campaign page below, and visit the "projects" page on our website for more information. 

The "New" Blair Grocery Barnraiser Campaign

'Reversing the Mississippi'

A Portrait of Our School at Blair Grocery, Open Source Ecology and Building a Sustainable Economy

Airing on the PBS World Channel April 12th, 2016 at 8pm EDT and 7pm CT

Reversing the Mississippi on PBS World

PBS Video on Food Deserts w/ a OSBG Feature