What’s Hot About Menopause? Sex!

What’s Hot About Menopause? Sex!

It’s time to make Naked Fridays a actuality. Lots of people suppose menopause means much less intercourse, and fewer pleasing intercourse, however the reverse may be true. Hitting menopause may be like hitting the jackpot for intercourse and intimacy.

Here are 9 the explanation why the tip of your intervals may be the start of a satisfying intercourse life.

Pregnancy worries are over

Once a lady is in menopause, outlined as not having had a interval for a full yr, she will be able to’t get pregnant, which removes all worries about contraception, contraception failure or turning into pregnant, that means intercourse is now solely about pleasure and connection.

While being pregnant is now not a priority, Dr. Barb DePree, director of Women’s Health Services at Holland Hospital and a member of HealthyWomen’s Women’s Health Advisory Council, identified that there’s all the time a danger of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) at any age. In reality, postmenopausal women have thinner vaginal tissue, which might really place them at extra danger of creating STIs like herpes if they’re uncovered.

To defend your self if you happen to’re not with one dedicated long-term accomplice, DePree stated, “The gold standard is negative testing.” To keep protected, ensure you and new or a number of companions are often examined for STIs, and it’s a good suggestion to make use of condoms till you’re in a dedicated relationship.

You don’t get intervals, so that you’re all the time prepared when the temper strikes

If you didn’t take pleasure in intercourse throughout menstruation or averted it when anticipating a interval, your schedule is now fully open for wonderful intercourse year-round.

Stopping the capsule may rev up your libido

Many women take oral contraceptives for a few years and eventually cease at menopause. The capsule can cut back the quantity of testosterone you will have, which might decrease your intercourse drive. “Some women definitely experience a lower libido on the pill and can really, really notice a change when they stop it,” DePree stated.

Menopause itself can be related to decreased testosterone and a decrease libido, however coming off the capsule can imply you may expertise a bit extra curiosity in intercourse.

An empty nest can fan the flames

By the time menopause arrives, any youngsters have seemingly moved out, making it potential to have as a lot intercourse as you need, every time and wherever you need it. “There’s no listening for the garage door to go up or worrying if your bed creaks. You can have sex in the sun porch if you want,” Depree stated. Naked Fridays or nooners can spice issues up, permitting you to be freer and fewer inhibited.

You know your self and your physique

“A lot of women find this to be a somewhat more confident time in their life,” DePree defined. “You know you. Women have years of experience, emotional confidence and self-confidence.” You know what works to your physique, precisely orgasm and also you aren’t afraid to ask for what you want. And you’re more likely to be much less self-conscious about your physique or your needs.

That confidence can even provide the freedom to discover, DePree identified. Things you by no means would have tried, like taking part in out sexual fantasies, utilizing intercourse toys, attempting new positions or having several types of companions, might now appear to be worthwhile experiments and may carry you new pleasure. And masturbating can even show very rewarding.

There are options for menopause modifications

Vaginal dryness of ache with intercourse generally is a actuality for some menopausal women. “We call this genitourinary syndrome (GSM),” DePree stated. The excellent news is that it’s nearly all the time efficiently treatable with localized vaginal estrogen, non-estrogen remedies or laser remedy. Once you discover what works, it may be clean crusing so long as you preserve the therapy. Finding the proper lubricant is one other essential element.

Your accomplice(s) can also face age-related sexual challenges, however feminine companions can use the above options and male companions can discuss to their healthcare supplier about medicine for erectile dysfunction, penile implants, and different instruments and coverings that may enhance their expertise.

Your definition of intercourse may broaden

If bodily modifications are problematic, there are methods to fulfill a accomplice sexually that may not embrace penetrative intercourse. You can attempt something and every part and should discover there’s extra pleasure than you imagined in inventive choices.

More intercourse equals higher intercourse

Shot of a couple sharing a intimate moment in bed

What many women don’t notice is that intercourse is a use it or lose it exercise. “Frequent sex in and of itself is somewhat therapeutic,” DePree stated. Sex improves blood move to the intercourse organs, which prevents additional atrophy and dryness. DePree identified that some menopausal women fall right into a cycle of getting intercourse, being uncomfortable, avoiding it for weeks or months, after which attempting once more with the identical end result. It continues to be uncomfortable while you do it hardly ever, so as an alternative do it extra!

Talking about intercourse results in higher intercourse

“Sexual health tends to be within a relationship, so it’s a shared area unlike other kinds of health,” DePree stated. When you and your accomplice brazenly talk about your wants, experiences, frequency of curiosity and considerations about intercourse, you’re higher in a position to please one another. If you’ve been partnered for years, you may assume you’re on the identical web page, however if you happen to don’t really verify in and ensure your accomplice is on board together with your mindset, you’ll have discord with out realizing it. If you’re in a more moderen relationship, your age-induced self-confidence might make it simpler to have frank discussions.

Hot flashes don’t should be the one factor making you sweat within the bed room

You know what’s actually scorching? Confidence. Knowledge. Freedom. And Naked Fridays.

Now go on the market and have some nice intercourse.


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