Study Reveals Comedy, AI, and Self-Care Can Quickly Boost Patient Psychological Health

Study Reveals Comedy, AI, and Self-Care Can Quickly Boost Patient Psychological Health

In simply eight weeks in the course of the pandemic, women dwelling with superior most cancers, ages 31 to 74, reported feeling extra empowered, and fewer depressed, confused, and anxious whereas utilizing synthetic intelligence to create customized self-care plans infused with comedy and different rest methods,” explains Mindset and Metastatic Cancer Research Study Co-Investigator Saranne Rothberg of The ComedyCures Foundation who beat stage IV most cancers twenty years in the past. She remains to be cancer-free.

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• Depression Decreased 18.1%: Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale.
• Perceived Stress Decreased 15.1%: Perceived Stress Scale-10.
• Anxiety Decreased 9.7%: Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale.
• Self-Efficacy Increased 7.6%: New General Self-Efficacy Scale.

Assessments: Baseline, Four and Eight Weeks

The pilot research is the brainchild of Rothberg, and it was performed by The ComedyCures Foundation in collaboration with the psychological health platform Neolth, with funding from The Willow Foundation.

“All 31 patients enrolled at the midway point completed this unpaid study. This retention rate is remarkable because the women were dealing with life-threatening metastasis, chemo, relationship and/or financial issues during the pandemic,” confirmed Dr. Claire Wheeler, Study Co-Investigator, Integrative MD, Psychologist with experience in Stress Management and Neolth’s CMO.

Participants had been provided many rest instruments, together with 17 enjoyable mindset movies created by Rothberg: “Stressbuster Rock Opera”, “They Said What?!”, “Comedians in the OR”, and “Humor Buddies”. ComedyCures comedians Michele Balan, Karen Bergreen, Wali Collins, Sherry Davey, Zarna Garg, and Marc Theobald carried out dwell.

Cancer survivor and Willow Foundation founder Leah Evert beamed, “Women from 10 countries and 24 states signed up. We’re honoured that The American Association for Cancer Research’s “Leading Discoveries” publication acknowledged The Mindset and Metastatic Cancer Study as “innovative and exciting.”

Neuroscientist, Co-Investigator and Neolth’s Founder Dr. Katherine Grill summarized, “The results suggest delivering therapeutic comedy and other relaxation strategies, remotely, present a scalable approach to supporting mental health in a quick, affordable way, with few time constraints.”

Rothberg concluded, “I hope these findings ignite more collaborations and funding for our unique healthcare solutions.” ComedyCures shall be launching a brand new research and podcast with the general public’s continued help.

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