Maud Medical Clinic Now Open in Calgary

Maud Medical Clinic Now Open in Calgary

New clinic promotes women’s health and wellness by visibility, accessibility and fairness for all

Calgary, AB, August 16, 2021– MAUD Medical Clinic is a brand new Calgary-based gynecological health facility that’s taking a knowledge-based strategy to advancing women’s vaginal health and wellness. Run by women, for women, MAUD treats its clientele threefold: by evidence-based medical assist, by training and exploration of physique and biology, and additional emboldening women to grow to be their very own advocates for optimistic physique health and fairness.

“When women have access to the right resources to properly understand their body and biology, they become even more powerful and capable,” says Maria Wu, Founder & Director of Operations at MAUD. “We wanted to provide and create a safe, evidence-based healthcare facility for women.” In addition to a private focus, the clinic goals to domesticate a group that comes collectively to foster and empower all women.

The extremely certified crew of medical professionals provides a set of providers and academic assets that deal with vaginal health points at numerous phases for women and ladies. The crew is on the forefront of expertise and coverings. Services embrace routine vaginal examinations, first-period assist, menopause training/help, sexual perform/wellness, pelvic care/consolation, and incontinence.

MAUD’s premiere flagship facility, situated at 909 1 Ave NE in Calgary, is intentionally at avenue stage. “We believe that vaginal health and wellness should be accessible to all and thus, our location is intentionally highly visible, easily accessible and approachable.” The 1,500-sq.ft. the power contains three process rooms, a physiotherapy room, an training/flex Emsella room, and a welcoming reception and retail space providing merchandise that promote vaginal health, wellness and empowerment. Interiors are designed by Louis Duncan-He Designs and boast a soothing, fashionable aesthetic that underpins MAUD’s mission to make women’s health points mainstream.

“MAUD’s model was born out of necessity. There was an inherent need for more clinics that are visible, welcoming and openly accessible to all women,” says Louis Duncan-He, founding father of Louis Duncan-He Designs. “The MAUD brand philosophy really guided the entire design of this space.” 


MAUD Medical Clinic opened its doorways in Summer 2021 and provides its sufferers entry to licensed and registered medical and health/wellness practitioners. The clinic’s focus contains:

• Vaginal Health Care: Medical recommendation and care on all vaginal-related considerations. PAP smear screening, pelvic ground perform, sexual perform, menstrual consolation, contraceptive recommendation, incontinence. Physician providers are totally coated by Provincial Health Care.

• Education & Resources: Advancing vaginal health & training. We supply quite a lot of vaginal-related gadgets together with instructional books, natural hygiene merchandise, medical-grade lubricants and native items.

• Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy: Learn about your physique with our physiotherapist. Treatments for pelvic ache, bladder management, sexual perform, prenatal, postpartum restoration, and pelvic organ prolapse.

• Women’s Health Acupuncture: assists with decreasing PMS signs, lowering interval cramps, regulating the menstrual cycle, managing PCOS and Endometriosis, selling ovulation and fertility, rising IVF success, labour preparation, intestine health and digestive assist, decreasing complications and migraines, and stress discount and adrenal assist. 

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