The rules of good memorialization at home.


Preparing to study, including:
Select a schedule for daily study.
Stay away from studying.
I expel from you all the imagination and obsessions that come to you, and you can overcome them by mentioning Allah Almighty, reading verses from the Holy Quran, and taking refuge from Satan.


Study time, including:
Organize your time studying, resting and sleeping.
I know that the best times to study are: beyond the prayers of dawn and age.
Don’t try to prolong the night; the longer the night, the less absorption.
Get used to respecting your diary dates.


Choose the right place to study, including:
Choose a quiet place at home with good light and proper ventilation.
Stay away from where you sleep when studying, and no tickets while lying on the bed.


Start by reading the titles, then read the subject in total and then in detail.
Give more time to materials that you think are difficult for you.
See your teacher or student guide for difficulties while studying.
Don’t distract your mind on more than one subject, and always remember that one hour of serious study is better than hours when the mind is distracted.

Fifth: Review:

Some students think that the review is only test days and that’s not true, the review saves you a lot of time and effort, especially at the time of the tests.

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