Service Learning with Blair Grocery

Service Learning, Not Volunteering

Process matters to us. Service learning with us is just as much about you and your communities as it is about us and ours. 

After working with over 8,000 service learners from 48 states and 8 different countries, we've learned to measure the value of our time together; not in terms of what we've been able to do, but in terms of what it might be able to empower you to do. What matters most is what you take away, not what you leave behind. If you are ready to learn, work, and challenge yourselves to think in new ways through hands-on experiential and context-based learning, then give us a call. We welcome individuals, groups, friends, families, classes, and clubs of any age, both one time and recurring trips for any length of time. If you are traveling to new orleans for a trip and want to work with us, check out our brigade programs or our internship programs

how to join

The best way to join Blair Grocery is to email or text Sam Turner at with a brief introduction about you, your group, when you'd like to come out, and what you hope to accomplish.


Bring clothes and shoes you don't mind getting dirty in, a water bottle, and sunscreen if you need it.