Help Make the Lower 9th Work For Those in the Lower 9th

Our School at Blair Grocery uses financial donations to fund new farm plots, hoop houses and renovations to the school building. Follow our blog and this site to see what projects we are using your dollars to fund.  

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Things We Need! 

-       700’ split rail fencing (approx. $15/ft)

-       20’ Shipping container (approx. $1,600 each)

-       Mobile goat coop (approx. $1,500)

-       300’ electric fencing (approx. $155/ 100’)

-       Sprouting trays (by the hundred) (approx. $90/case)

-       New Plastic hoop house cover: 35’ x 100’ 6 mil polyethylene film (approx. $655)

-       Replace our hoses! Eight 100’ heavy duty garden hoses (approx. $45 ea)

-       Durable Wheelbarrows (approx. $90 ea)

-       Shovel, pitchfork, hoe, action hoe, etc (approx. $20 ea)

-       Laptop (new or gently used). Is your old one just collecting dust?

Our Thank You Page

To those who helped us accomplish our goal on our Barnraiser in the spring of 2016, we want to commemorate your generosity! 

Austin Clements 

Marie Sayles

Katie Renaud 

Stona Fitch 

Alfred Gomez

Ayres Stiles-Hall

Misty Reilly 

Monica Arambulo 

Karen Robinson 

Katherine Doktorich 

Catherine Johnson 

Deena Freed 

John Armstrong 

Tobes Magobes 

Liana Soriano 

Leon Pearl